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Commuting Cyclist

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Win a FREE Maya Cycle

Bike Trailer | Cargo Carrier

The Maya Cycle bike trailer is compact and easy-to-use for city streets, rides to the beach, camping getaways, cross-country touring, and any other type of bike trip you would like to experience with no hassle. With Maya Cycle’s unique design, you’ll bike ride through your day and never hassle about tight corners, busy streets, pedestrians, or anything else that may come as close to you and your bike as a street side curb. Maya Cycle proves to follow directly in-line with your bicycle wheels at all times and will NOT fishtail, even down hill at high-speed.  For more details about Maya Cycle bicycle trailers, click on YOUR cycling style above and find out how Maya Cycle will take the load off your back and carry the weight of your day.


*** Watch out for Maya Cycle copy bike trailers!